Dr Nonie Brennan

Thinker in Residence

Dr Nonie Brennan is the former Chief Executive Officer of All Chicago: Making Homelessness History. All Chicago strives to prevent homelessness through a range of actions including emergency financial assistance, community partnerships, data collection, plus analysis, training and research. Dr Brennan was responsible for securing, distributing and monitoring over US$70 million of funding for Chicago’s homelessness system every year. During Dr Brennan’s time with All Chicago, the organisation saw a significant increase in funding with an additional US$1.2 million won in federal grants in 2016 alone.

Also in 2016, All Chicago provided US$2.7 million in support to 3,185 households, including 1,350 children. An astounding 94% of clients maintained their housing and 88% of clients reported that the financial assistance they had gained meant they were no longer in crisis. Dr Brennan’s leadership over the past 15 years has seen an overall 25% reduction in homelessness in Chicago. Dr Brennan was appointed as a Senior Advisor by the Institute of Global Homelessness in 2017.

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