Social Capital Residencies

2017 – 2019

The Social Capital Residences were focused on developing a more purposeful economy in South Australia that is better able to achieve the highest levels of social, cultural and environmental impact. In short, we wanted to grow the Purpose Economy and we did this by:

  • Breaking down the silos between the business and social innovation ecosystems as well as the entrepreneurship and social enterprise ecosystems.
  • Supporting and inspiring start-ups, small, medium and large businesses to improve their social, cultural and environmental impact.
  • Helping to bring social innovations to scale by improving the innovation ecosystem’s ability to produce investment-ready social businesses, social enterprises and other for purpose businesses. 
  • Changing the systems in South Australia that support these goals though policy and culture change.

We measured our success by:

  • Supporting a growing number of partner initiatives that support the growth of the South Australian Purpose Economy.
  • Raising awareness – including through government priorities and policy – particularly state and local.
  • Connecting more people and organisations in new collaborations.
  • Growing activity in the Purpose Economy, in particular more impact investing, social enterprises, co-operatives, mutuals, Aboriginal business, for benefit corporations (B Corps) and companies practising shared value principles.