Purpose Business Network – North

The Purpose Business Network – North supports the growth of social enterprises and businesses with purpose to create job opportunities and tackle social and economic disadvantage in the North. The Purpose Business Network – North board was established in September 2018.

Ecosystem growth will be supported by:

  • Opportunities to network and connect with other businesses, share experiences, learn and collaborate
  • Training and workshops which support business start-up, growth and development
  • Opportunities for social enterprises to meet buyers and showcase services and products
  • Driving forward agendas for change, influencing policy development and accessibility of government and private sector contracts through social procurement
  • Improving access to finance for businesses with purpose and social enterprises through various sources, including impact investing
  • Driving innovation and profile raising of the sector
  • Connecting job vacancies in growth sectors to those trained through social enterprises who are looking for long term employment opportunities

  • Focus on developing a social enterprise action plan for the North
  • Connect into a broader development in the for purpose ecosystem via the Purpose Council of South Australia

Check out our paper which outlines how the Thinkers in Residence Social Capital Residencies partnered with the Stretton Centre and the Northern Economic Plan to help grow a more purposeful economy in Northern Adelaide.

Purpose Business Network - North Fact Sheet