Adelaide Zero Project Dashboard

The Adelaide Zero Project Dashboard tracks our progress towards achieving and sustaining Functional Zero street homelessness in the inner city. This data will initially be updated monthly, but is intended to be updated in as close to real time as possible.

Functional Zero street homelessness is achieved when the number of people sleeping rough in the inner city is no greater than the housing available in that month, and this can be consistently proven with data. This dashboard is our way of proving that.

In Adelaide’s first Connections Week (May 2018), 200 trained volunteers identified 143 people who were sleeping rough in the City of Adelaide. This information was used to create a By-Name List to help inner city homelessness services to know the names and needs of those sleeping rough.

Homelessness is a dynamic issue and situations can change daily for people who are experiencing this. Functional Zero is a dynamic measure of this complex issue. As the Adelaide Zero Project progresses and our homelessness system improves, we expect these numbers to rise and fall until the system successfully sustains Functional Zero street homelessness.

The development of the Adelaide Zero Project Dashboard is a collective effort of over 40 organisations. Connections Week was led by Hutt St Centre and the By-Name List establishment has been led by Neami National. The dashboard has been made possible thanks to the support of the Broadley Trust.

Functional Zero Data for the Current Month

Functional Zero Data PointsPrevious month
Current data3, 4
as of 18/02/2020as of 18/03/2020
1Returned from Housing
Number of people who have left the housing system for various reasons and are actively homeless again.23
2Newly Identified
2.1Number of people per month who have been identified on the By-Name List for the first time.2237
2.2Newly identified on the By-Name List for the first time at Connections Week (May 2018).571608
3Returned from inactive
Number of people seeking housing again becoming inactive.59
4Actively Homeless
4.1Sleeping rough

Number of people who are known to be sleeping rough in the inner city.
4.2Temporarily sheltered

Number of people who were sleeping rough at the time of going on the By-Name List and have since moved into temporary shelter including couch-surfing, crisis, emergency & transitional accommodation or boarding houses.
5.1Average monthly housing placement rate

Average number of people per month who have been housed through the Adelaide Zero Project since Connections Week, 18 May, 2018.
5.2Total number of people housed through the Adelaide Zero Project since Connections Week (May 18 2018) 1297310
6Moved to inactive2
Number of people from the By-Name List moved to inactive in the last month2129

1‘Housed’ refers to people on the By-Name List who have been offered a housing placement.

2 The inactive figure indicates the number of people who have not been in touch with the homelessness system for 90 days. This could be for many reasons including hospitalisation, moving out of Adelaide or the individual has obtained housing independently. Further work is being done to determine the number and how to better capture the people on the inactive list who have obtained housing independently of the partners in the Adelaide Zero Project.

 3 Updated on the 18th of each month to align with the implementation of the By Name List on 18 May 2018.

4 This data report was generated before the SA Housing Authority’s COVID-19 response to move people sleeping rough in the city into motel accommodation. The next monthly data due 19 April 2020 will reflect outcomes of the COVID-19 response.

Historical Data

This graph shows the number of people known to be sleeping rough in the inner city each month. This data is from the By-Name List, which was established 18 May 2018 (Connections Week) and is used to track progress on the Dashboard above (launched August 2018).

People sleeping rough in the city from June 2007 to May 2018 (Connections Week)

The dashed vertical line (yellow) marks Adelaide’s first Connections Week and baseline data for the Adelaide Zero Project. Figures from June 2007 – September 2017 are Inner City Rough Sleeper Street Counts (Source: Housing SA). Fewer people were approached during the Street Count in September 2017 (136 people) than in May 2017 (225 people). Given the lower numbers of people approached to participate in the September 2017 Street Count, the apparent reduction in people sleeping rough at that time should be interpreted with caution. The vertical lines in May 2011 and February 2013 also reflect methodology changes to the Inner City Street Count.